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Frequently Asked Questions


When Should my order arrive?

Usually, from the day you order, you can expect to be showing off your new hand-crafted purchase in around 12 - 15 business days.
We also offer an express shipping option during the checkout process for some orders. Our shipping partners advertise express delivery in 5 - 7 business days.
It's important to note that in some countries, you may need to allow an additional 4 - 5 days for your local customs,

The following countries have reported logistical delays that are outside of Dubaikaftan's control: Canada, The UK, Australia, Italy, Germany.
As some items take longer to print and dry than others, the above delivery estimations are averages only.


Who will deliver my order?

We rely on a network of external shipping partners around the world including the long-haul capabilities of  FedEx  the distribution expertise.
You can get tracking number same day of delivery.

Where can Dubaikaftan deliver to?

Our shipping partners deliver to all corners of the globe including APO, FPO, DPO addresses (Defence force, Diplomatic post etc).
Due to the nature of APO, FPO and DPO services it may take more than 25 days to receive your order. We recommend using a land/civilian address where possible.


What if my order is later than expected?

If your order hasn't reached you within 15 business days, the best first step is to contact your local post office in case they are holding the package for you. You'd be surprised how often this is the case!

The following countries have reported logistical delays that are outside of Dubaikaftan's control: Canada, The UK, Australia, Italy, Germany.
If you feel that your order is taking much longer than it should, you've allowed a reasonable time for your local customs to peek at your awesome new stuff, and your local post office was not able to help, contact us and we'll see what we can do. When contacting us, please let us know your order number and the full correct delivery address so we can help you as soon as possible.


An order is in an unexpected country. Why?

To ensure that items are delivered as swiftly as possible, there may be short periods when a shipping partner will need to change the delivery path of an order.
At this time Fed Ex has identified potential delays with customs in a number of countries, and affected orders have been routed via a hub in Germany.


A tracking number was received, but tracking information is unavailable.

When an order is shipped using a trackable service, tracking information for deliveries will generally be available within 3-5 days, however sometimes it may take a shipping partner a little longer.
If tracking information has not appeared after 5 business days, please contact us.


The tracking information hasn't been updated. Is the order stuck?

A number of shipping partners update tracking information when a package is received at each stage of the delivery path.
Generally, the package is still on the way, just waiting to be scanned at the next sorting facility.


What about customs?

As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times, additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, Redbubble is not liable for any additional customs taxes or duties, or if any specific item was prohibited or confiscated by the receiving country.
It is recommended that you investigate the relevant local laws in your country.


Can I send a gift to someone else?

Absolutely! The 'billing' address must be your own, however you can choose a different 'delivery' address.
We don't include any invoices or payment information in the packages, but elements of the packaging may reveal the goodies inside.
Please note, because we email your payment confirmation and receipt it's also a good idea to use your own email address, to keep your secret.
Yes, of course you can return and exchange gifts! You can find all the information here.


How is my order packaged?

Our priority is getting your order to its destination on time and in good condition. The Dubaikaftan branded packaging is very sturdy and designed to protect your order on its way to you. We don't send any invoices or payment information with orders.
Posters and large photographic prints arrive rolled up in a mailing tube. All other wall art, laminated prints and calendars are boxed flat. If your order contains a few different products, they may be shipped as several separate packages, arriving several days apart. We are currently unable to personalize your order with a message or gift wrapping.

What if I've provided the wrong address?

That's OK, we forgive you. There are rare times when we are able to correct your address and you can request this here